If you like to do great work, but get frustrated when crazy projects, time wasting-meetings and people who don’t listen get in your way, I can help!

Get ready to take COMMAND of the chaos and SUPERCHARGE your work day!  

How I can help you


Take massive leaps in your ability to focus and collaborate at work and with your teams. Transform the way you work with powerful, yet simple tools designed to increase creativity, action, and enterprise cohesion.


Edited down for you to get the best (and leanest) wisdom on how to create a dramatic shift in the way your teams show up, act and perform in meetings and projects.


Make use of Elena’s professional experience helping teams and organizations make the most of their time.



Nadia the Director:

Elena has a gift of uplifiting people by actively listening and praising the qualities they yearn to be praised for in order to move ahead...she unblocks them.

Elena will continue looking for the potential in a person unless there is absolutely nothing there :)

She has genuine interest in everything human, which makes her a scholar of human nature and drivers and elevates much much above all of us..


Dina the Chief of Staff:

Elena is a genius - the tools she shares always help me get more work done. Most recently, she helped me create a system to run and manage my campaign. But the bottom line is this, when I need coaching, when I’m ready to shift to a new level - I go to Elena!


Mudy, the Engineering Senior Director

Elena has:

The ability to gain the trust and connect deeply with teams. This mainly stems from empathizing with the other person, hearing them out and encouraging conversations.

The ability to corral a large group of people and keep them focused on the mission at hand. Especially true during the inception meetings.

The unique sense of having a pulse on the most pressing problems with team dynamics.